Happy New Year GHIC

The year 2020 is clearly one of the most anticipated years of all time for the Body of Christ because the Bible is clear on the significance of VISION.

GHIC we know when one has 20/20 vision it is declared they have perfect vision.Today I’m standing in agreement with you that in 2020 your vision will be so crystal clear it will produce perfect peace in your life.Yes, in 2019 we faced many ups and downs but as we enter into a new year and new decade let’s focus our sight on what’s ahead of us and not on what’s behind us.

In 2020 our unified vision statement is “PURSUE IT” and I encourage you to touch and agree with your Man of God that every prophetic promise of God that has been declared over your life is worth pursuing in 2020.

In conclusion, together we will pursue greatness and together we will experience greatness here at GHIC in 2020.

Pastor EA Deckard