Cleaning up after the Tax Day flood has been a slow recovery process for some living in the Greenspoint area. The floodwaters ruined dozens of first floor apartments, like Rudy Cabazos' unit at the Imperial Oaks apartment complex. "It's hard to live like that," Cabazos said.

Looking back at the flooding across the Houston area, and how you all stepped up to help your neighbors in need.

He has no walls left and most of his furniture was ruined by the flood, but his situation is much more bearable Sunday night, thanks to the kindness of strangers. "I'm so glad and so happy because a lot of people, like 20 people, help me move the furniture," he explained. Cabazos still had ruined furniture sitting inside the apartment he shares with his girlfriend, nearly two weeks after the flood. A group of 60 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God is taking on the Greenspoint area, one block at a time. They moved on to cleaning flooded streets after cleaning and moving ruined furniture out of apartments on Sunday. The volunteers grabbed tires, carpet, and other debris and piled it up on street corners for the city to pick up later. "We wanted to come out and share and definitely put into practice the teachings we actually learn in our church," Franklin Alas explained. It's a big effort making changes in others' lives, and their church home already made a difference in Cabazos' home. That isn't the only church helping the hard-hit Greenspoint area. A single mother who lost her car in the flooding is driving again thanks to the help of the community. Lashanti Campbell received a new SUV from Green House International Church in north Harris County. Her car was flooded out, and she's been having trouble getting to work and getting her kids to daycare. "I wanna thank them and blessed to have somebody that just comes and helps me with a vehicle. I wasn't expecting it. I always say great things happen to those who wait. So I want to thank them," Campbell said. The church's pastor says he's challenging tow truck drivers and mechanics to donate one Monday of service to help other people whose cars were damaged by the high water.

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